The Healing Power of Gemstones

Since times immemorial, humans all over the world from Egyptians and Mayans to Greeks and Chinese have been enchanted with the beauty of gemstones. However, these stones were not mere decorations in the wearer’s ornaments; they were believed to possess protective and healing powers too. These precious stones have magnetic power and emit particular frequency vibrations that can change your energy levels when you wear them in close contact with the skin. Here are details of the healing power of a few gemstones that influence the functioning of the body and mind.

Amethyst for Mind Control

At the physical level, amethyst is thought to stimulate the regeneration of body tissues and enhance the production of blood cells. It is often used effectively in patients with diabetes and those with low immunity. At the emotional level, amethyst is believed to increase the intuitive power of individuals along with calming the mind. If you are looking to kick the smoking or drinking habit, amethyst could help you stick to your decision because it is thought to aid in mind control.


Purify Your Body and Mind with Bloodstone

This stone is said to be good at clearing the body of toxins that get formed over a period of time. Besides, it also improves eyesight and helps to get rid of skin rashes that are a result of too much toxic material in the liver. Emotionally too, bloodstone is believed to play a role in removing stress and causes a purification of the mind, giving the much-needed impetus for spiritual growth.


Coral Reduces Cholesterol

Widely used in jewelry, coral stones are helpful in maintaining blood cholesterol levels within normal limits. If you want to reduce your chance of having heart disease and hypertension, try wearing a coral pendant or ring.

Coral also helps in absorbing the nutrient called niacin which is important for the functioning of several metabolic enzymes in the body. At the mental level, it has a calming effect and bestows the ability to adapt easily to change.


Emerald for Harmony

This sparkling green stone is said to be beneficial in dealing with musculo-skeletal disorders. It helps in overcoming muscle pain and spasm as also disorders related to the spine. It helps to develop a positive mindset and this in turns improves the physical health, too. Overall, it has a harmonizing effect on daily life.


Garner Nutrients with Garnet

If you want to improve your intake of vitamins and minerals, eat a lot of veggies and also wear a garnet stone. This stone is thought to help the body absorb minerals such as calcium, iodine and magnesium and the vitamins A and E from food sources. At the emotional level, it may help you feel more committed to your values and inspire you to serve in a social cause.


Feeling Jaded? Try Jade

Like bloodstone, jade too has a purifying power and helps to remove toxins from blood. It has a rejuvenating effect and is useful in relieving physical exhaustion and mental tiredness. If you consult an expert on gems with these complaints, he will probably ask you to wear jade and say that it can also boost your self confidence and do away with a low self esteem.


Moonstone is Good for Women

Moonstone is said to have a positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive system in women. Therefore, it is often prescribed for women who have difficulty in conceiving. Probably one of the best stones to wear during your pregnancy, this stone is believed to reduce the pain involved during labor. It removes mental stress and brings peace along with inspiring you to feel compassion for others.


Improve Pancreatic Function with Pearl

If you hear a diabetic person say that he has managed to get his blood sugar levels in control, check if he is wearing a ring inset with a pearl. Believed to improve the functioning of the pancreas, this stone has the influence of increasing insulin secretion in the body and helps its appropriate utilization. It also helps to remove fluctuations of the mind that lead to emotional imbalance.


Quartz for Immunity

Quartz has a strong effect on the functioning of the digestive organs. It is also used to treat vertigo and impart resistance power to persons with low immunity. People who wear quartz may notice that they are able to think with greater clarity than before.


Ensure Balance with Sapphire

This stone’s main area of influence is the glands in the body such as the pituitary gland and other endocrine glands. Therefore, it is believed to improve the secretion of hormones, ensure normal body function and keep disease at bay. By acting on the chemicals in the body, sapphire also improves the emotional wellbeing; no wonder then that people with depression are asked to wear sapphire.


Be Positive with Zircon

Like emerald, zircon is said to have a positive effect on the functioning of the muscles and bones of the body. Besides, it also helps in the absorption and utilization of vitamin E. Zircon is believed to help the wearer to develop an open mind that attracts positive vibrations. So, if you are trying to develop positive mental attitudes, read your self-help books, but also wear a ring with zircon.